How to transform your living room

Jak proměnit svůj obývací pokoj

The living room is the heart of our home. It is a place where the family gathers and shares their joys and worries. For many of us, the living room is also a work space, i.e. a place for concentration, but also for relaxation. Last but not least, it is also a space that represents us and that we proudly show to our friends. Our personality and style should therefore be most reflected in the living space.

Transforming the existing living room and interior does not necessarily mean a huge investment in new furniture and equipment. On the contrary, it is enough to choose the decorations and interior elements appropriately and the result can be incredible. Small changes can do miracles and bring a new atmosphere and character to the room.


Master & Master table legs and reverse top

As already discussed, there is no immediate need to change the complete equipment of the room. Focus on detail. Start with "just" Master & Master table legs. You can fasten the Reverse type easily, yet very firmly, to any table top. You can thus create a side table or a work table. Or both! The bases are very stable, so there is no need to worry about children or pets knocking them over. If you're looking for a complete table, don't forget to add the Reverse table top to your cart.

Wall Shelf system from Master & Master

Whether you need storage space or just a place to display your favorite decorations and life artifacts, the Wall Shelf system (also from Master & Master ) offers a variety of sizes and colors, so you can find exactly the right one for your new or existing interior. All shelves are supplied with the necessary mounting screws and anchors for brick walls.


The details make the whole. And in this case, home. They all have one thing in common: they add unique character, elegance and playfulness to any space.

PosterLad posters by Vratislav Pecka

A poster does not always have to promote an event or product, it can also be used as an expression of one's thoughts and attitudes. And it brightens up any room in seconds. Another indisputable advantage is that they are affordable and can be inserted into any frame. PosterLad is an art project of the Czech designer Vratislav Pecka. You will find many of his curated designs in our offer .


Tropos table lamp

Thanks to the right light, you can transform the same room from an energetic space to a quiet relaxing retreat in seconds. The right table lamp can thus become not only functional, but also a striking design element in the interior. The Tropos glass table lamp by DECHEM is reminiscent of glass architecture with its minimalistic shapes and proportions. The light reveals the color gradient in the glass and completely changes the atmosphere of its surroundings. Their lighting vase , in turn, illuminates the water and, in combination with the flowers, creates an almost magically dramatic atmosphere. Every single piece breathes the magic of honest hand-made glass work on you.


Scent has an incredible power to influence the atmosphere and mood in our home and plays a key role in creating pleasant memories and associations. Specific scents can be associated with our loved ones, beautiful experiences or favorite places.

Santorini Breeze diffuser by Voniak

For example , the Santorini Breeze diffuser from the Voniak brand will transport you to the sun-drenched Greek islands and remind you of a summer vacation, while theViva La Paz fragrance will bring you closer to the charms of South America with its intoxicating scent of honey flower, crushed tobacco, warm amber, tonka berry and sandalwood. All the above products are made in the Czech Republic.

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