Improve your dining and coffee drinking experience thanks to selected products from the best Czech manufacturers and designers. Each piece is created with an emphasis on the highest quality and workmanship, which guarantees its long life and functionality.

The main brand in this category is clearly Clap Design , who produce unique serving sets , ceramic mugs and oak cutting boards . For serving, you can also use Astro aluminum trays in interesting colors from Space of Space . And water is guaranteed to taste best in a DECHEM glass .


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Magnetic knife holder Wall RackMagnetic knife holder Wall Rack
Space of Space
Astro multifunctional tray Sale priceFrom €19,95
Salt and pepper mills - P-salt & S-pepper
Kitchen cutting board Stand By BreadKitchen cutting board Stand By Bread
Rectangle Porcelain breakfast service Rectangle Porcelain breakfast service
Clap Design
Circle Porcelain coffee serviceCircle Porcelain coffee service
Space of Space
Luna towel holder Sale price€83,95
Servírovací prkénko LEAFServírovací prkénko LEAF
Servírovací prkénko DENKOServírovací prkénko DENKO
Miska SCENIO Sale price€88,95
Váza Sale priceFrom €664,95
#materiál_americký ořech#materiál_dub
Votvírák Sale price€73,95
#materiál_americký ořech#materiál_dub
Stojan na nože Sale price€304,95
#materiál_dub#materiál_americký ořech
Prkénko Vlajka Sale priceFrom €152,95
Introductory priceLimited quantity
Space of Space
Bolid stackable stool Sale price€294,95
Save €28,00
Dining set BohemiaDining set Bohemia
Český porcelán
Dining set Bohemia Sale price€342,95 Regular price€370,95
Save €22,00
Bohemia tea setBohemia tea set
Český porcelán
Bohemia tea set Sale price€229,95 Regular price€251,95
Bohemia coffee set
Bohemia salt & pepper shakerBohemia salt & pepper shaker
Salad bowl BohemiaSalad bowl Bohemia
Český porcelán
Salad bowl Bohemia Sale priceFrom €27,95


Clap Design

The Clap Design brand they founded in 2017Lukáš PejchalandVaclav Teajanek, brings exceptional design and playfulness to Czech kitchens and dining rooms. An innovative team of designers focuses on creating original kitchen and dining accessories that have been loved by a wide base of customers and experts thanks to their magnetic elements.

The Clap Design brand came up with the idea of ​​creating a coffee service that would have a funny way of holding the spoon. After researching the market, Lukáš and Václav discovered that they had discovered a unique concept, and thus the idea was borncombination of magnet and wood. Subsequently, their portfolio expanded to include knife holders, cutting boards and salt and pepper mills. It was the "clap" sound that the grinders make when they are put together that inspired kbrand name.

Clap Design products are manufactured in Václavovfamily carpentry shop in Hukvaldy, where they work mainly with local oak wood known for its quality, durability and aesthetic appearance. In the future, they plan to work on other materials, such as metal or concrete.

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