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They create in the kitchen and in order to support your creativity as much as possible, we have selected for you the most interesting pieces from the best Czech brands and their designers. You can cook perfectly in Fabini titanium cookware . Clap Design and Space of Space accessories will help you with serving. And you can sit down at the Master & Master minimalist dining tables and chairs .

We believe that the kitchen, as the heart of every home, deserves only the best and most reliable equipment. That's why we carefully select each product and focus on both visual appeal and practical use and longevity. Come celebrate style and functionality with our selected products and bring joyful playfulness to your cooking process.


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Magnetic knife holder Wall RackMagnetic knife holder Wall Rack
Space of Space
Astro multifunctional tray Sale priceFrom €19,95
#barva_neonově žlutá#barva_makově červená
Bandaska vase small Sale price€88,95
The Master's ChairThe Master's Chair
Master & Master
The Master's Chair Sale priceFrom €418,95
#barva_černá (čalouněná)#barva_černá (čalouněná)
Master & Master
Master bar chair Sale priceFrom €430,95
Bar stool RoxorBar stool Roxor
Master & Master
Bar stool Roxor Sale priceFrom €423,95
Balloons table lamp Small PC856Balloons table lamp Small PC856
Kitchen cutting board Stand By BreadKitchen cutting board Stand By Bread
Rectangle Porcelain breakfast service Rectangle Porcelain breakfast service
Clap Design
Circle Porcelain coffee serviceCircle Porcelain coffee service
Bar stool UM Bar stool UM
Master & Master
Bar stool UM Sale priceFrom €339,95
Space of Space
Luna towel holder Sale price€83,95
Pracovní stůl DESK Sale price€1.254,95
Police LINK+Police LINK+
Police LINK+ Sale price€319,95
Police VETVA Sale price€398,95
#barva ciferníku_přírodní#barva ciferníku_bílá
Dekorace RYBKADekorace RYBKA
Dekorace RYBKA Sale price€73,95
Dekorace DIVIAKDekorace DIVIAK
Dekorace DIVIAK Sale price€73,95
Servírovací prkénko LEAFServírovací prkénko LEAF



Fabini is a kitchenware brand he foundedJohn Fabiniin 2019. His vision was to create cookware that, through its extreme performance and longevity, could truly improve the level of cooking and taste of food while remaining affordable.

However, when looking for cookware, they encountered a limited choice - either low-quality cookware from unknown manufacturers or premium cookware that had not undergone technological innovation for decades and was very expensive.

Jan decided to change this situation and create his own set of cookware, which he launched on the market in October 2019. He focused on the technology of multi-layer stainless steel, thanks to which the cookware was characterized by excellent heat distribution, long life, safety for health and other benefits that can directly affect the cooking experience and the taste of the food.

The Fabini brand strives to offer a high-quality and innovative solution that impresses with its affordability, while being uncompromising in terms of performance, durability and quality of materials.

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