How to organize your desktop

Jak si zorganizovat pracovní plochu

Not only an ordered and organized work surface increases work efficiency. Pleasant design and eye-pleasing and delicious elements can also increase your performance. If you're looking for ways to tidy up your desk, here are some tips for you.


Stick to the principle of "less is more". After all, you don't need piles of things on your desk. Get rid of unnecessary items and keep only those that you actually use on a daily basis or that make you happy.

Cables under control

Try to avoid unnecessary meters of cables on the table. There are special cable holders or channels to help you organize them.

Regular cleaning

Make regular desk cleaning a routine. It only takes a few minutes a day. Start each day by clearing your desk of unnecessary items. In the same way, close each working day by cleaning your desk again.

A personal touch

Add some personal touches to your table, such as pictures, photos of loved ones, plants or inspirational quotes. Whatever makes you happy.

Appropriate lighting

Choose a table lamp that provides sufficient and even illumination of the entire work surface. Aim to ensure that the light does not produce harsh shadows or glare on the work surface.

Recommended products from our offer

Master & Master Diamond Tabletop

The board itself is also important. If you are a fan of minimalist elegance and modern design, the Diamond Tabletop from the design duo Master & Master is a hit. Their philosophy "less is more" is reflected in every detail. High-quality solid oak or birch plywood and a surface finished with marmole or laminates ensure not only practical use, but also a beautiful design for many years.

Master & Master Xshelf

To organize work documents or favorite books, try the Xshelf from the same manufacturer. Its unique shape makes this shelf a piece of furniture that catches your eye at first glance. The steel structure is available in three standard colors, but you can also find a solution tailored to your space.

Space of Space multifunctional tray Astro

The multi-functional Astro tray from Space of Space is a truly multi-purpose accessory. This is a collection of trays that will not only organize your desk, but also give it creative vibrancy and originality. The combination of trays also allows for various playful solutions and color options. The trays are made of durable aluminum and are covered with Swiss powder paints, guaranteeing stability and visual appeal.

Space of Space Organizer Saturn 03

You will love their Saturn 03 Organizer for document organization. Its refined design with an elegant curve on one side will keep all the contents of the organization space naturally and securely. The Saturn 04 pencil stand keeps all writing utensils in one place.

Clap Design serving tray Tray

You don't necessarily have to usethe Tray serving tray designed by Jiří Pelcl and made by the Clap Design team only in the kitchen or dining room. The minimalist and handmade wooden tray made of oak, with its smooth and natural wood structure, will become a practical addition to your work surface.

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