Master & Master

Master & Master , a prestigious Czech furniture brand founded in 2013 by two friends Luďek Šteigl and Ondřej Zita, produces modern minimalist furniture combining innovation, quality and sustainability.

The brand is known for its collaboration with leading Czech designers such as Jiří Pelcl, Lucie Koldová or Jan Čapek. Thanks to this, it won recognition not only here, but also abroad, and it is the holder of several Czech Grand Design awards.

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Bend stopperBend stopper
Master & Master
Bend stopper Sale price€26,95
BestsellerFree transport
Master & Master
Coffee Boy coffee table Sale price€278,95
Master & Master
Xshelf Sale price€225,95
Master bar chairMaster bar chair
Master & Master
Master bar chair Sale priceFrom €420,95
Bar stool RoxorBar stool Roxor
Master & Master
Bar stool Roxor Sale priceFrom €412,95
Diamond table legsDiamond table legs
Master & Master
Diamond table legs Sale price€216,95
Side table GonSide table Gon
Master & Master
Side table Gon Sale priceFrom €374,95
Chicken side table Chicken side table
Master & Master
Chicken side table Sale price€264,95
Bar stool UM Bar stool UM
Master & Master
Bar stool UM Sale priceFrom €331,95
The Master's ChairThe Master's Chair
Master & Master
The Master's Chair Sale priceFrom €408,95
Reverse Coffee TabletopReverse Coffee Tabletop
Master & Master
Reverse Coffee Tabletop Sale priceFrom €312,95
Table bases Reverse CoffeeTable bases Reverse Coffee
Master & Master
Table bases Reverse Coffee Sale price€187,95
Fix Three TabletopFix Three Tabletop
Master & Master
Fix Three Tabletop Sale priceFrom €312,95
Fix Three Coffee table legsFix Three Coffee table legs
Master & Master
Fix Three Coffee table legs Sale priceFrom €259,95
Diamond TabletopDiamond Tabletop
Master & Master
Diamond Tabletop Sale priceFrom €566,95
Reverse Meeting tableReverse Meeting table
Master & Master
Reverse Meeting table Sale priceFrom €2.088,95
Reverse Narrow TabletopReverse Narrow Tabletop
Master & Master
Reverse Narrow Tabletop Sale priceFrom €379,95
Triton table legsTriton table legs
Master & Master
Triton table legs Sale priceFrom €264,95
Fix TabletopFix Tabletop
Master & Master
Fix Tabletop Sale priceFrom €566,95
Table legs FixTable legs Fix
Master & Master
Table legs Fix Sale priceFrom €273,95


Master & Master

Master & Master is a Czech furniture brand founded in 2013Ludik SteigleandOndřej Zita. The company specializes in the production of modern and minimalist furniture with an emphasis on innovation, quality and sustainability.

Their products are often designed in collaboration with top Czech product designers such as Jiří Pelcl or Lucie Koldová.

In a short time, the Master & Master brand gained recognition on the Czech market, but also abroad, thanks to its unique design and high quality products. This is also proven by winning a prestigious awardCzech Grand DesignasManufacturer of the year 2019and2021.

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Luďek, a trained carpenter, has known us since childhood and we have always wanted to start a company. We decided to produce purely Czech items that would be competitive on the European market.

Ondřej Zita, co-founder

Stolové podnože Diamond značky Master & Master v tyrkysové barvě

Diamond table legs

In 2013, the first product under the Master & Master brand appeared on the market. Diamond table legs, designed by the talented designer Michal Malášek. Today, these rootstocks are already considered legendary andthey have become an iconic part of the brand.

Launching sales of the first product is a significant moment for any brand that defines its future direction. Diamond plinths were immediately met with enthusiasm by customers and design experts. Their simple but at the same time unique design represented a fresh look at an otherwise rather traditional solution.

Truhlárna a kovovýroba značky Master & Master

Carpentry and metalwork

In 2015, Ondřej and Luďek opened their own carpentry and metalworking shop in Zábřeh in Moravia. The opening of its own workshop marked a significant step forward for the Master & Master brand.

This allowed the founders to have full control over the entire manufacturing process, from design to final execution, allowing them to guarantee the highest quality of its products.

Joinery and metalwork in Zábřeh became the heart of the brand. It is not only a place of production, but also a place where new ideas and creative concepts are implemented.

Výstavní prostor Master & Master na Designbloku 2016

Design block

2016 was a year full of success for the Master & Master brand. Undoubtedly, one of them was participation in the prestigious design festival Designblok in Prague, which took place in October of the same year.

During the exhibition, visitors had the opportunity to view and try a wide range of Master & Master products, giving them the opportunity to appreciate the quality, functionality and aesthetics of these pieces.

Původní showroom Master & Master na Letné otevřený v roce 2017

Showroom at Letná

The year 2017 was an important milestone for the Master & Master brand, as this year saw the opening of theirs first showroom on Letná.

Opening a showroom gave the brand a physical space where they could present their products to the public. The location was chosen not only for its dynamic atmosphere, but also because it is a place where art, design and culture intersect.

Křeslo Cocon od Lucie Koldové získalo nominaci Czech Grand Design 2019

The first seating furniture

In 2019, the first seating furniture under the Master & Master brand saw the light of day. It was an elegant chair Cocoon, which was designed by a recognized designer Lucia Koldova.

The chair represents a combination of great design and comfortable seating. Recognition of quality and design was not long in coming - the same year the chair received a nomination for a prestigious award Czech Grand Design.

V roce 2020 získala značka Master & Master prestižní ocenění Výrobce roku Czech Grand Design

Czech Grand Design

In 2020, the Master & Master brand received well-deserved recognition in the design community when it won the prestigious Czech Grand Design Award for 2019 as Manufacturer of the year.

This award represents the pinnacle of success for a brand that was founded with the aim of bringing to the market furniture pieces that are not only functional and beautiful, but also created with sustainability and long-term value.

Židle Mistra značky Master & Master

The best collection of furniture

In 2021, the Master & Master brand once again came to the fore when it won the prestigious award forThe best collection of furniturewithin Designblok.

This award came thanks to a unique piece in their collection - a chairMaster, which was once again designed by a recognized designerLucie Koldová.

Nový showroom Master & Master v Holešovicích

New showroom and other awards by experts

2022 was another year full of significant milestones for the Master & Master brand. The brand managed to expand its presence in Prague by opening a new, larger and livelier showroom inHolešovice(along with tagsBREATHand Todus).

Their success did not go unnoticed, and in 2022 Ondřej and Luďek were awarded the prestigious prize againCzech Grand DesignasManufacturer of the year 2021.

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