Essentials for your kitchen or "must-haves"

Nezbytnosti pro vaši kuchyň aneb „must-haves“

When cooking and serving, it is important to have only the best and most reliable equipment. Below you will find the most interesting pieces from the best Czech brands and their designers. For each product, we focus on both visual appeal and practical use and longevity. The following list contains products that should definitely not be missing from your kitchen.

Fabini non-stick titanium pan set

Fabini non-stick titanium pan set

Fabini titanium pans are a must in every modern kitchen . Thanks to its non-stick coating, the need to use too much fat is minimized, leading to healthier food preparation. In addition, titanium pans are scratch-resistant and easy to clean. You can use them to prepare everything from egg omelets to pancakes to a juicy steak.

Fabini non-stick titanium saucepan

Fabini non-stick titanium saucepan

Similar to pans , Fabini titanium saucepans are non-stick and therefore excellent for cooking all kinds of food. You can use them for sauces, soups and pasta. Titanium cookware boasts improved thermal properties that allow for even and efficient cooking.

Clap Design salt and pepper mills

Salt and pepper mills - P-salt & S-pepper Clap Design

Freshly ground spices will fundamentally improve the taste of all dishes. The Clap Design P-salt & S-pepper grinders are equipped with a high-quality metal mechanism that ensures a long service life. You can easily adjust the grinding coarseness by turning the small screw at the bottom of the grinder.

Serving tray Tray and cutting board Drop

Drop serving board

Tray serving trays from the Clap Design brand are a great tool not only for festive dining . Their minimalist design preserving the structure of the wood will perfectly complement any interior. You can then use the Drop round wooden cutting board not only for cutting, but also for serving pizza, sushi or cheese.

Oval Porcelain coffee service

Oval Porcelain coffee service

For coffee lovers , the Oval Porcelain coffee service from Clap Design is an absolute must-have to start the day or delight and surprise your guests. You will enjoy your coffee even more with a sip of water. That is why the coffee set includes a hand-blown crystal glass.

Rectangle Porcelain breakfast service

Rectangle Porcelain breakfast service

Who wouldn't want breakfast in bed? In addition, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which is why it is worth investing in a high-quality and beautiful service with the characteristic name Rectangle Porcelain from the Clap Design brand. The mug sits exactly where it should. Just like a magnetic spoon that will always be at hand.

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