About the brand


Voniak is a Czech brand of interior fragrances founded in 2020 by the talented duo Daniel Nikolov and Martin Švach . Their designer fragrance diffusers instantly teleport you to the most spectacular places on earth. Each fragrance has its own charisma, which corresponds to the genius loci of the given place. The brand has focused on isolating this spirit and is trying to put it in a timeless bottle of Czech production . With fragrances that are also natural and sustainable, you can roam the world without leaving the walls of your home.

Apart from Voniak, you may also know the guys as the duo behind the niche perfume Kintsugi .

Join us on a magical journey. Let's leave everything behind for a moment. We will get lost. We will wander. Because when we lose ourselves, only then can we find ourselves.

Daniel Nikolov, co-founder