About the brand


TOTEMO is a brand of building blocks for children and adults, which was founded in 2019 by the designer Adriana Kolda with the help of her colleagues and child psychologists at the time. The game, in which you can create everything from cars, animals or houses to a ball track, is based on imagination and creativity. In children, it aims to develop motor skills and 3D perception, support expression and improve attention. For adults, the kits serve as the key to the flow state and relaxation.

The kit offers a variant made of high-quality beech plywood or locally recycled plastic. Individual abstract parts can be combined and supplemented with each other with the help of connectors, essentially unlimited and endlessly. It is a tool and a toy, a story and a place in which no limits are set.

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Sufficient creativity allows us to solve things in life with greater ease. Children have a lot of it, but they lose it with age. That is why it is important to develop it and take care of it.

Adriana Kolda, founder

A gift for friends

As a recent UMPRUM graduate, Adriana designs the optimal gift for her friends who are increasingly starting families.

Her goal was to create a game that presents a place for children to build anything they can imagine.

The plywood construction kit began to entertain both children and adults, and thanks to the positive feedback from the neighborhood, she decided to move the project forward and in 2019 to establish the TOTEMO brand .

Cooperation with psychologists

TOTEMO begins to cooperate with psychologists , with whom they form shapes that develop children's imagination, motor skills and the ability to express themselves.

The kit is starting to be sold, but also used in therapies for children on the spectrum.

Foreign awards

TOTEMO with its new plastic edition is going to Milan for the Precious Plastic competition led by Rossana Orlandi.

Thanks to imagination, aesthetics and innovative work with recycled material, TOTEMO wins first place in the Educational Projects category.

This year, thanks to the success of the stand, the company also received a nomination at the Designblok festival .