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Choose a piece that underlines your individuality, whether it's a DECHEM vase made of blown glass, a PosterLad poster with a touch of retro or the intoxicating Voniak fragrance.



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Alive posterAlive poster
Alive poster Sale priceFrom €73,95
Bandaska vase tall (matte)Bandaska vase tall (matte)
Bandaska vase tall (matte) Sale price€309,95
Santal Bombay diffuser
Santal Bombay diffuser Sale price€49,95
Bandaska vase medium (matt)Bandaska vase medium (matt)
Bandaska vase medium (matt) Sale price€339,95
Spheres posterSpheres poster
Spheres poster Sale priceFrom €73,95
Woods of Kyushu candleWoods of Kyushu candle
Woods of Kyushu candle Sale price€19,95
Bandaska vase mediumBandaska vase medium
Bandaska vase medium Sale price€339,95
Candleholder MuffinsCandleholder Muffins
Candleholder Muffins Sale priceFrom €116,95
Sheep wool plaid - checkered greenSheep wool plaid - checkered green
#barva montury_bílá#barva montury_mosazná
Light vase small Sale price€1.156,95
Santorini Breeze diffuser
Santal Bombay candleSantal Bombay candle
Santal Bombay candle Sale price€19,95
Confetti vase smallConfetti vase small
Confetti vase small Sale price€265,95
Balloons posterBalloons poster
Balloons poster Sale priceFrom €73,95
#barva_neonově žlutá#barva_makově červená
Bandaska vase small Sale price€88,95
Tangled posterTangled poster
Tangled poster Sale priceFrom €73,95
It's OK posterIt's OK poster
It's OK poster Sale priceFrom €73,95
Sicilian Summer diffuser
Bandaska vase large (matt)Bandaska vase large (matt)
Bandaska vase large (matt) Sale price€339,95
Wood of Kyushu diffuser



PosterLad is an art project of a Czech designerVratislav Pecka. In his opinion, a poster does not always have to promote an event or a product, which is why Vratislav prefers to use this medium as a space for expressing his creative ideas and above all to satisfy the eye of the observer.

Simple shapes and vivid colors are the main feature of Vratislav Pecka's work. His work was influenced by the Bauhaus school and a certain nostalgia and memories of the 90s.

PosterLad started in 2016 as an escape project of a busy designer who was tired of working for clients and wanted to create his own world. Since then, Vratislav Pecka has been designing posters almost every day, and his style is constantly evolving and shifting.

Within a short time, PosterLad became popular on social media and won awardsSilver A'Design 2019andGerman Design Award 2020.

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