Dome Nomad Small outdoor light PC1265

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Glass color: Transparent
Mount surface: Copper
Delivery time: 2 months (custom production)
Battery with a duration of ~5 hours
Wireless charging

The Italian LCM MARIN design studio created the Dome Nomad outdoor collection for Brokis, which is inspired by Venetian domes. Dome Nomad is a portable outdoor lamp whose dome-shaped shape represents eternity and the vastness of the firmament. The dome-shaped shape of the glass part of the hand-blown glass light can be in two variants – smooth clear glass or wavy clear glass.

The simple construction made of noble stainless steel is surface treated with powder coating, which is environmentally friendly and ensures first-class resistance against the external influences of the outdoor environment. The LED light source, which can withstand freezing temperatures, casts a soft glow through the opal diffuser and the glass part of the light. The lamp is equipped with a Magconn magnetic connector for charging via USB . Switching on, off and adjusting the brightness of the lighting works on the principle of a touch dimmer located in the base of the lamp. The charging cable is included in the package.

The glass shade is formed in several layers of glazes, each of which is blown into a mold by the glass masters with special attention. Dome Nomad can be easily moved and placed on the floor or table. It is a design experience that will add charm to both gardens, terraces and the interior.

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The search for a balance between form, function, materials, construction needs, curiosity and experimentation are the main features of the creative process from which the projects of the Venetian studio LCM MARIN arise.

Marco Marin, who founded the design studio LCM MARIN together with his wife Carolina and son Lorenzo, has created many projects in the field of furniture and lighting and has collaborated with many recognized national and international brands over the years.

The Dome Nomad and Double collections for Brokis are great examples of products that leave a visible mark on the interior.



The Brokis brand, founded by the successful Czech entrepreneur Jan Rabel, revives the tradition of Czech glassmaking. In 1997, Rabell bought the historic Janštejn glassworks and in 2006 founded the Brokis brand with the ambition to modernize and restore traditional glassmaking techniques.

New practices were adopted, while traditional methods, including the production of stained glass, were revived. Brokis continues and is known for innovations in glass manufacturing technologies, making a name for itself in the lighting market. Today, Brokis operates in 70 countries and presents its collections at the world's leading design exhibitions, while maintaining production in the Janštejn glassworks.

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