Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of fragrances with designer diffusers, scented sprays and Voniak candles, which will add a pleasant atmosphere to your interior and at the same time bring modern elegance to your home decor. Voniak scents will teleport you to the most spectacular places on Earth in seconds. Each fragrance has its own unique charisma, which Voniak captures and puts into a timeless bottle of Czech production. The brand emphasizes sustainability - all bottles are 100% recyclable and all products are made from niche fragrance oils and soy wax and are vegan friendly. "We want your homes to smell beautiful without harming nature," say its talented founders Daniel Nikolov and Martin Švach.

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Voniak is a Czech brand of interior fragrances, which is supported by talented foundersDaniel NikolovandMartin Svach. The brand focuses on creating designer fragrance diffusers that will instantly transport you to the most amazing places in the world. Each fragrance represents a unique charisma that reflects the atmosphere of the given place.

The goal is to capture this essence and place it in a timeless bottle made in the Czech Republic. Travel the world without leaving your home, surrounded by natural and sustainable fragrances.

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