About the project


PosterLad is an art project of the Czech designer Vratislav Pecka. In his opinion, a poster does not always have to promote an event or a product, which is why Vratislav prefers to use this medium as a space to express his creative ideas and above all to satisfy the eye of the observer. Simple shapes and vivid colors are the main feature of Vratislav Pecka's work. His work was influenced by the Bauhaus school and a certain nostalgia and memories of the 90s.

PosterLad started in 2016 as an escape project of a busy designer who was tired of working for clients and wanted to create his own world. Since then, Vratislav Pecka has been designing posters almost every day, and his style is constantly evolving and shifting. In a short time, PosterLad became popular on social networks and won the Silver A'Design 2019 and the German Design Award 2020 awards .

It is not my goal to express something specific or even an opinion with my art. I primarily want to impress visually with my work. In each of my posters, I try to find a balance by working with colors and composition, because that is where the beauty lies.

Vratislav Pecka, founder and designer

Project beginnings PosterLad

PosterLad started in 2016 as a sort of escape project of a busy designer who was tired of working for clients and who set himself the goal of starting to create something of his own. Vratislav established the Instagram account PosterLad, to which he regularly added artistic posters purely for pleasure. Instead of an escape from the daily work routine, however, it gradually aroused unexpected interest and became a source of interesting extra income. "I was excited to do something of my own, where I was not restricted by anything or anyone. At that time, I didn't plan at all that it would become a business."

The first exhibitions on the domestic scene

Vratislav Pecka's poster art quickly became popular with visitors and organizers alike. At Czech Design Week, the management of the Prague Congress Center liked the posters so much that they kept them there even after the event ended.

Silver A'Design Award

Posterlad very quickly found its way abroad. One of the important milestones for Vratislav Pecka was an international award, namely the silver placement in the A'Design Award & Competition 2019 in the Graphics and Visual Communication category.

German Design Award

The jury appreciated the aesthetic motifs showing a high level of design and the novel idea of ​​taking old VHS covers, 90s graphics, fashion and music from the period as inspiration for the various illustrations. All this is clearly reflected in the many graphic details of Vratislav's work and above all in his popularity among lovers of non-traditional design and art. The German Design Award is clear proof of this.

International exhibitions

PosterLad posters have been and still are seen all over the world. They impressed, for example, at the final selection of the Ecuador Poster Bienal in Ecuador, at Arizona State University in the USA, at an exhibition at Protein Studios in London, or Yan Books in Beijing, China.

More than five thousand works signed by PosterLad have already arrived to customers mainly from Great Britain, USA, Canada and France.

A digital artist known all over the world

In addition to poster design, Vratislav Pecka also creates NFT, i.e. crypto art , which he presents and sells on the world's most prestigious platform SuperRare, hosting only a handful of leading contemporary artists. Almost a quarter of a million users across continents follow his work on Instagram. Among them is the famous graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister, winner of two Grammy awards, who designed album covers for musicians such as Lou Reed, the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, David Byrne or Jay–Z.