New Triton legs from Master & Master

Nové podnože Triton od Master & Master

The Master & Master brand, which is famous for its table legs, comes to the market with another novelty - Triton legs . The legs were designed by the renowned and award-winning designer Jan Čapek , and this is the very first official collaboration with this brand.

Triton bases are made of 25 mm steel tubes, thanks to which they reach a load capacity of up to 400 kg . The height is "standard" 73 cm and they are powder coated in three colors - "classic" white and black and very interesting luminescent orange (RAL 2005).

Another interesting feature of the bases is that they can carry the board freely without attachment, or you can order Triton Grip clips for them, with which you can hold the board.

A set of bases without clips costs CZK 5,500 and CZK 7,500 including clips and screws. This is a really great and versatile piece.

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