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About the brand

Clap Design

The Clap Design brand, founded in 2017 by Lukáš Pejchal and Václav Čajánek , brings exceptional design and playfulness to Czech kitchens and dining rooms. The innovative team of creators focuses on creating original kitchen and dining accessories that have been loved by a wide base of customers and experts thanks to their magnetic elements.

The Clap Design brand came up with the idea of ​​creating a coffee service that would have a funny way of holding the spoon. After researching the market, Lukáš and Václav discovered that they had discovered a unique concept, and thus the idea of ​​combining magnet and wood was born. Subsequently, their portfolio expanded to include knife holders, cutting boards and salt and pepper mills. It was the " clap " sound that the grinders make when they are brought together that inspired the name of the brand.

Clap Design products are produced in Václav's family carpentry shop in Hukvaldy, where they work mainly with local oak wood known for its quality, durability and aesthetic appearance. In the future, they plan to work on other materials, such as metal or concrete.

Václav and I both come from a gastronomy background. We enjoy the world of dining and kitchen accessories. This, along with originality and desire for innovation, is the soul of Clap Design.

Václav Čajánek, co-founder

The beginning of the story

The exceptional brand Clap Design was founded in 2017 thanks to the creative forces of Lukáš Pejchal and Václav Čajánek . From the beginning, this dynamic duo set out to create authentic design that is not only designed, but also manufactured right in our region. With respect for tradition and craftsmanship, they focus on creating quality products with high utility value and aesthetic appeal.

Collaboration with Jiří Pelcel

In 2018, there was a significant moment in the history of Clap Design, when the brand started cooperation with Jiří Pelcel , a respected Czech designer. Pelcl is well known for its unique and innovative approaches to design that combine functionality, aesthetics and innovation. One of the highlights of this collaboration was the creation of the iconic Cube coffee service , which today is considered one of the most distinctive products of the Clap Design brand.

Pelcl's design breathed new life into the coffee service, while helping the brand to strengthen its market position and visibility. Since this successful partnership, Clap Design has started collaborating with other talented designers to create more unique products together.

Design and manufacture of salt and pepper mills

2019 marked an important moment for the Clap Design brand as their team focused on the design and production of unique salt and pepper mills , called P-salt & S-pepper .

This project was implemented with the aim of creating a kitchen tool that would not only fulfill its basic function, but also become a distinctive element of home design. In a short time, the P-salt & S-pepper grinders became a huge hit and gradually developed into the brand's bestsellers. Their popularity is constantly growing.

Participation in the foreign exhibition Ambiente

The year 2020 was an important milestone when Clap Design went to a foreign exhibition for the first time in its history. The brand decided to present its innovative design products at the prestigious fair in Frankfurt am Main. The Ambiente fair is one of the largest and most important events in the field of design and interior accessories, attracting visitors from all over the world every year. Not only did Clap Design exhibit their products at this prestigious fair, but they were even placed in hall number 4 in the talent section, an area reserved for up-and-coming and innovative designers and brands. This location is a great honor for the brands operating here and a recognition of talent and creativity.

Exhibition in Paris

The Clap Design brand has set itself the goal of continuing the trend of foreign presentations of its products. For 2021, it has chosen one of the largest and most important European trade fairs – Maison&Objet in Paris , known for presenting the latest trends in interior design, thus becoming the ideal platform to present innovative and quality products such as those from Clap Design.

The Maison&Objet fair in Paris was also a great opportunity to enter the world of luxury home design. Participation in this prestigious event represents another important step in the expansion of the brand and its presentation on the international stage.

Winner of Designblok 2022

In 2022, the Clap Design brand introduced a new item in its product line called Ray . This innovative product includes a dustpan set with a built-in magnet. The product was designed by the renowned studio Herrmann & Coufal , which is known for its ability to create functional and at the same time aesthetically attractive design elements. Combining elegance with practicality, Ray presents a new take on classic household tools, creating a modern and sophisticated expression for everyday objects.

Here, Ray impressed customers and at the same time won an award in the home accessories category.