Discover TOTEMO toys, building blocks for children's development

Objevte hračky TOTEMO, stavebnice pro rozvoj dětí

In our offer, you can also find TOTEMO brand toys. TOTEMO are construction kits for both young and old, founded in 2019 by the designer Adriana Kolda with the help of colleagues and child psychologists at the time.

TOTEMO ball track for children to play with.

The kit allows you to build anything your imagination allows, from cars and animals to houses and tracks for marbles. TOTEMO focuses on the development of children's motor skills and spatial perception , supporting their expressive abilities and increasing concentration.

TOTEMO ball track in color variant.

The kits are available either in a version made of high-quality beech plywood or recycled plastic . Plywood is great in that children can color it according to their own imagination.

Various abstract parts can be freely combined with each other and expanded with almost no restrictions thanks to connectors. Building blocks are not only a tool and a toy, but also a story and a place without borders.

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